Royal Port

The deal: US 6.5m bridge loan to complete pending milestones for US 6.5 million. The exit: Approved credit facility from Sunland Capital Corporation for US 322 million which contemplates the payment of the bridge loan, upon concession initiation.

With an exceptional location, this 134 Has concession for 20 (+20) yr Port concession provides invaluable storage capacity for fuels in the Caribbean.

Royal Port partnered with Boskalis and Aquamar to develop this port that requires US 300m+ investment.

Sunland Capital Corporation approved a credit to complete the project which is contingent on disbursements from the developers for close to US 6.5m.

The team of developers is willing to discuss terms of the transaction.

134 Has

Concession area

1,462 m bl

Storage capacity

1 km

Distance to open water

Cra 5 # 117 - 13 Bogotá, Colombia 

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