Santana Tower

Santana Tower

USD 50 million - Equity investment in this new iconic high rise. Developed for multifamily, office and retail lease.

Located in Bogota’s most dynamic development area. 

  • 30 story building in 3.766 sqm (40.537 sq. ft)

  • 400+ Residential Units in 19.740 sqm

  • 7.200 sqm of area for offices

  • 2.000 sqm for retail

  • 2500 sqm for an awsome Gym.

Sports, Social and Business Club House with training swimming pool on the 5th floor. Business and meeting lounges, co-work office space, fitness center & spa. Street level floor reserved for retail and main acces.

Lowest flat starting at 5th floor. 12,000 – 13,000 people work in the business districts surrounding the project site, where Usaquen stands out as a trendy restaurant area. Low density neighborhood, mostly houses and clear areas all around allow higher rise and density use of the land. Buildability index achieved: ≈ 7.

Soil studies and land legal due diligence already performed.

An iconic high rise upscale residential tower is the logical solution to the adjacent trendy and high-end business district, that’s why it has the support of the surrounding neighbors. Sustainable and green strategies such as energy co-generation have been recently allowed in local regulation and are being considered as value added benefits


Residential Units

11,000 sqm

Additional area for offices, gym and retail


Construction Index